Develop The Inner Game Of A Dating Coach!

The inner game of a dating coach is probably some of the best out of all PUA's. They have to have great inner beliefs because their job demands they be in top form all the time. They need to give the student an example of what having great inner game looks like and show them how that affects the results the student can expect from the training.

The other reason coaches need great inner game is to be able to determine where the student is in their inner development. A good coach will be able to determine what kind of personality the student has and then can tailor the instruction to him, especially in a 1 on 1 setting.

Developing inner game like a dating coach requires true dedication. You must decide to really commit to learning game, make it a top priority for the time it takes. Sure you'll have to sacrifice other stuff in your life but only for awhile. This is why you need to really buckle down and devote serious time so as not to waste it! This in turn will strengthen your resolve for you will feel you're making the most of the time you're out infield and will keep from feeling burned out.

Another great tactic is to model the behavior and path of a coach you like. Find out how they started, how did they deal with things like approach anxiety, getting their first number then first date and finally first lay. How did they handle rejection and flakes? How much did they go out? How many sets did they open a night? What natural advantages did they have or not have compared to you? All these questions can shed tons of insight into the successful habits of a master PUA and further enhance your own development.

One of the most important and obvious ways to learn to develop the inner game of a dating coach is to get instruction from one! If you can, get instruction from the one you are modeling! First find out what company they teach for and then find any seminars they may be teaching or if they do phone consults. Take some of those and see if you like them as much in person. See if they vibe with you well. Then look into doing either a bootcamp, or a 1 on 1 with the coach for more personalized instruction.

One thing to remember is that coaches started from scratch just like you. Some of them may have even been worse off. Now they teach and offer proof that game can be learned and mastered no matter your disadvantages, limiting beliefs, or prior experience.

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