Juicy Couture Studded Velour Earl Bag

How do you like Juicy Couture handbag? To me, there is a word to describe the bag under this brand. That is "Juicy". Generally its handbags come out in pink, red, blue and white. Most are very fresh colors. As I see it, the Juicy Couture bag is more suitable for young ladies, especially those newly graduate and college students. Do not hesitate to pick up your pinkish purse. I would like to introduce this Juicy Couture Studded Velour Earl bag.

I would like to try something new. I might as well present this bag in the order of its name. Firstly, it is a designer purse, which can be seen from the classic bag pattern, the pinkish color (although this bag also exists in black) and the "Juicy Couture" signature and crowned "JC" medallion embroideries on the bag front. Secondly is the stud detail. You might already know that stud is no longer the privilege of Gucci. It turns out that the masculine rivet detail matches perfect with this feminine handbag. It has brass gold-tone brass rivets trimmed evenly on the single top handle.

Next is the word "Velour". That is the bag is mainly made from pink or black soft velour and logo fabric lining. Usually velour is used making high end couture. It is creative and bold for Juicy Couture to use it in handbag making. I suppose the word "Earl" has certain link to the crown medallion. That is all about the bag name. Besides, I have some other information about this designer purse to offer. It as a whole measures 7.5 inches in height, 12 inches in width and 6 inches in depth. It is spacious enough for daily carrying. Besides its large compartment, the bag has inside zip and cell phone pockets. So far I have given a relatively complete introduction of this bag. Still I left an important detail. That is the hanging logo-engraved beads decoration, which is the most charming part of this bag for me. This designer bag is available at a price of $158.00.