'pirate Master' Host Has New Film

For the past few weeks, CBS' Pirate Master has been unable to get a good number of viewers, however, the show's host, Cameron Daddo, is looking forward to a few good things.

The 42 year old Australian actor is set to appear in the upcoming film, The Perfect Sleep. As the film's website revealed, the story follows The Narrator as he returns to the city he left ten years ago to save the woman he loves. The Narrator was described as someone who has "an unnatural threshold for pain and punishment," which enables him to bravely face his obstacles.

The main cast of the film includes Anton Pardoe (The Godson) as The Narrator, Roselyn Sanchez (Without a Trace, Rush Hour 3) as Porphyria, Patrick Bachau (House, 24) as Nikolai and Sam Thakur as The Rajah. Cameron Daddo will appear in the film as Rogozhin.

Currently in its post production stages, The Perfect Sleep is a film directed by Jeremy Alter (The Godson) and written by Pardoe. Keith Kjarval and Jay Sedrish serve as executive producers of the film under the Unified Pictures banner.

Aside from The Perfect Sleep, Cameron Daddo has also recently concluded production for the film, Drifter. The film is a thriller directed by Roel Rein? and stars the Pirate Master host as Martin. It chronicles the story of four people who wake up in a desert with no memory of how they got there. The four individuals possess surgical scars and as they journey through the barren desert, they find that the past and present realities are coming at them. They later realize how all of the events are connected, and that only one of them will survive.

The cast of Drifter also includes Gabrielle Dennis (Let?s Talk) as Miranda, Janora McDuffie (Close To Home, Desire) as Rachel, Darcy Halsey (CSI, Scare Tactics) as Grace and Alex Nesic (Sleeper Cell, NCIS) as Berkman.

Release dates of the movies have not yet been released, thus fans will have to wait for further official announcements.