Would You Book a Stay At An Ice Hotel?

Winter is obviously a cold time of year and you need to make sure you are wrapped up with coats, jackets, thick socks and as many other layers you can think of before braving the outdoors. However if you think heading out for a walk in the fresh British air is too cold, you may want to steer clear of staying in an ice hotel.

When you picture an image of Canada, one of the first things you think of other than maple syrup and bears are the snow. Montreal took the inspiration of their cold surroundings and created an ice hotel. It can only be opened at certain times of the year as the ice will start to melt as the temperature rises. It opened up again this year on the 6th of January and you can go and book yourself a room up until March 25th this year.

Even though you would need to take more thermals than imaginable, I am sure it would be an incredible experience that you would never forget for the rest of your life. Just seeing the images of the hand carved ice sculptures, the intricate designs which are carved into the walls and the multi coloured lights which sparkle once catching the ice would be just stunning. They do want you to have as comfy a stay as possible and some rooms have large covered fires in the centre which will give you a nice toasty warm up after spending a night at the ice bar where your drinks are served to you in an ice 'glass'!

Spending time on a winter wonderland holiday looks like an amazing adventure and is definitely the best way I can think of enjoying cold weather. Taking a ride on a sleigh pulled by huskies or going for a skiing lesson sounds like great fun. If you are going to be cold you may as well do it in style and have as much fun possible!

If you were to ever experience this magnificent ice hotel you would have some major planning to do before you went. It would bring a whole new meaning to "What do I pack?" You would also need a very big suitcase to hold all of your bulky jumpers, socks and other winter warmers. If you do not fancy freezing whilst on holiday, and you picture your ideal holiday as lazing about in the sun, then you can leave the thermals in the shop. However with our freezing weather, and so far having no snow, you may want to start gathering up some jackets and gloves to make sure you are prepared for the worst!